Writer, Mother, Wife

Author Michael Kardos chose “Burn Rubber” as a winner of the 2019 Parent-Writer Fellowship to attend the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing (MVICW)! The prize comes with full tuition and lodging at MVICW in June.

I am a writer, a mother, and a wife. I have a day job, and a fiction career. Balancing these endeavors is an ongoing struggle, but I find the energy to keep writing through my network of writers and the support of literary communities like MVICW. Attending conferences and workshops keeps me motivated, and helps me refine my work. MVICW empowers writers, validates our dreams, and helps us bring them to fruition. Awards like this one reinforce the message that committing to our craft is worthy of our time and energy. Thank you to Michael Kardos and MVICW!

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Published by Lara Ehrlich

Lara Ehrlich is the author of the short story collection ANIMAL WIFE (Red Hen Press, 2020) and the host of the conversation series Writer Mother Monster.

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