The Vanishing Point
f(r)iction, summer 2019

Burn Rubber
Massachusetts Review, vol 59, no 1, 2018 (print)
Accompanying author interview

“Ehrlich’s ability to build tension along with sympathy is remarkable, and her character’s break with reality ends up feeling utterly, convincingly real.”—The Massachusetts Review

Beware the Undertoad
The Columbia Review, spring 2016 (print)

“Ehrlich complicates the mythology of adolescence with a growing awareness of the real world, gradually revealing disquieting secrets in girlhood rites of passage. Ehrlich’s careful command over the short story form makes reading her an unsettling delight.”—The Columbia Review

Objects of Unexpected Beauty
Hunger Mountain, issue 22, spring 2018 (print)
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“Ehrlich has compiled a new wave of fairy tales, all swamp-mossy and feathered. Her story, ‘Objects of Unexpected Beauty,’ is no exception, and is beautifully haunted by an unforgettable heroine with equal parts grit and charm.”—Hunger Mountain

Desiree the Destroyer
StoryQuarterly, issue 51, spring 2018 (print)

“Lara Ehrlich expertly weaves restraint, dread, and vitality into ‘Desiree the Destroyer,’ a story about our battles, public and private.”—StoryQuarterly

The Tenant
Paper Darts

“Paper Darts is a sucker for anthropomorphic metaphors as a means to process emotions. In ‘The Tenant,’ Lara holds us within mauling distance of a dangerous bear man, all while keeping us safe in her healing hands.”—Paper Darts

The Kite
Boston Literary Magazine

“There is a wild, powerful freedom to this piece; an enviable sense of soaring beyond limits.”—Boston Literary Magazine

Ruler of the Inverted Year
the minnesota review, issue 88, 2017 (print)

Six Roses in Cellophane
River Styx, vol 95, 2015 (print)

Night Terrors
The Normal School online
Featured on Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, #96 (at 16:20)

SmokeLong Quarterly
Accompanying author interview
Featured on Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, #96 (at 8:00)

Paint by Number

Animal Wife
Fiction Southeast

Stone Fruit
Literary Orphans Journal, issue 25

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