-4“The stories in Animal Wife are gorgeous and heartbreaking. They glide into each other, refract, and expand outward again, echoing seasons and change and longing. They cause astonishment and wonder.”—Kristen Arnett, author of Mostly Dead Things


-4“Sensual and intelligent, with gorgeous prose, [Animal Wife] made me dizzy…”
—New York Times best-selling author Ann Hood


-4Ehrlich is a master observer of the magic and mystery that lurk at the edge of our lives. [She is] a startling and undeniable new talent in the world of genre-breaking fiction.”—Blair Hurley, author of The Devoted


-4Ehrlich’s careful command over the short story form makes reading her an unsettling delight.”—The Columbia Review


-4“Ehrlich has compiled a new wave of fairy tales, all swamp-mossy and feathered.”—Hunger Mountain


-4“Ehrlich’s ability to build tension along with sympathy is remarkable.”
—The Massachusetts Review

Illustration by Alex Fukui for “The Tenant,” published in Paper Darts.