I have 20 years of experience writing and editing essays and long-form features, as well as interviews, news items, press releases, grants, and media pieces. Among many other roles, I was a senior writer at Boston University, where I won numerous CASE awards for my journalism. I’ve also written for Northwestern, Colgate, Purdue, and Yale, as well as publications like LitHub, Electric Literature, and Scary Mommy. I write features on everything from neuroscience and cybersecurity to museum curation and animation, and I specialize in approaching worn topics from innovative angles (I presented a lecture on this topic at the CASE Editors’ Forum a few years ago).

In a few of my favorite articles, I took on President Trump’s assertion that the media peddles fake news, took a deep dive into the gender wage gap, and explored how computer scientists are safeguarding the internet and defending our civil rights. I also love profiling fierce thought leaders and change-makers like Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who crusades against clergy sexual abuse; senior advisor at the US Department of State, Jane Sigmon, who fights human trafficking on a global scale; and the deputy director and chief curator for the Guggenheim Museum, who asks us to rethink how we see art and delves into the ways our nation’s cultural institutions are addressing racial injustice in their practices and collections. 

One more for fun: For researching a novel, I attended the Legendary Siren Camp at Weeki Wachee, where women have been performing as sirens since the 1940s. I am not a good swimmer, much less in a Lycra tail. Here’s an article I wrote about the experience for LitHub. 


In my eight years as a Senior Editor/Writer at Boston University, I managed teams of in-house and freelance writers, designers, videographers, and photographers in the creation of six award-winning full-color print and online magazines. I am a collaborative creative director and editor known for helping writers craft innovative and ambitious features that cross disciplines and cultural boundaries, with specific attention to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I’ve been helping writers with their manuscripts in many different ways as a college instructor and instructor at adult writing workshops for years, and now I offer such services in a private capacity. I offer in-depth manuscript critiques, line-by-line story editing, and private writing coaching on everything from query letter assistance to proofreading and more. I also love helping writers better understand the world of literary magazines and the process of submitting their work, query letters, finding an agent, as well as all the other aspects of publishing and nurturing a writing career. 

Marketing & Events

My passion is storytelling; creating the narrative that will carry audiences through an experience, whether on stage or on the page. My mission is to help everyone from individual authors to large-scale organizations find and define their brands and tell their stories to capture their unique audiences. No organization is too large or too small.

I will work with you to conceptualize, develop, and implement a range of communications content across digital and media platforms. I love creating integrated strategic campaigns for large- and small-scale events and initiatives, and managing relationships with news media. I am particularly passionate about building brand identities that are impactful and moving, and generating new and innovative capabilities in data visualization, video storytelling, event experiences, and customer interactions. I’m an expert at developing break-through, elevated creative and in-person experiences that stand out in any industry while building consumer loyalty and increasing bottom-line profitability.

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