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“It is no surprise that Animal Wife is the winner of the Red Hen Fiction Award. Through gorgeous, searing prose, Ehrlich has created a cast of unforgettable heroines who rail against the unfair societal expectations that confine them. By telling their stories with beauty, nuance, truth, and magic, she has finally set them free.”

September 2020 | Read Here

Literary Hub

“These stories, and Ehrlich, are remarkable, and the collection is a standout in a season full of amazing new releases.”

September 2020 | Read Here


“Whimsy and fantasy meet the way things really turn out in stories from a strong new voice.”

September 2020 | Read Here


“Selected as the winner of the Red Hen Fiction Award, the gorgeous prose is mesmerizing and captivating.”

October 2020 | Read Here


“Lara Ehrlich has written a collection of stories that allow for escapism. None of the stories may have a perfectly happy ending—and a couple are quite bittersweet—but they take us to worlds where women make their own choices without caring or worrying about how society and others might judge them for it…It’s emotional and honest, which is this collection’s greatest strength.”

October 2020 | Read Here


“A powerful debut short story collection. At times the stories are funny and at times they take on an ethereal and dreamlike tone almost like fables or fairy-tales. They’re a deep dive into the psyche of womanhood and what it’s like to be a girl in the world. Short story fans—do not miss this one!”

September 2020 | Read Here

Boston Magazine’s “Must List”

“Tear into Animal Wife—New England–based author Lara Ehrlich’s award-winning new collection.”

Summer 2020 | Read Here

The Day

“[Animal Wife] has a dreamy, slightly dark quality delivered through confetti-shower prose and a roll call of richly creative characters in narratives that would do Kelly Link and Italo Calvino proud.”

September 2020 | Read Here

The Westerly Sun

“Author Lara Ehrlich knows how to add a little razzle-dazzle to a virtual event.”

August 2020 | Read Here

Metapsychology Online

“Ehrlich weaves compelling characters and situations, gripping images and language in her deft storytelling.”

October 2020 | Read Here


“I’ve liked this collection as much as any new collection I’ve read in 2020, and predict this will be on my top-of-the-year list when it’s all said and done.”

Summer 2020 | Read Here

The Arts Fuse

“Lara Ehrlich’s collection contains stories of women reaching across the threshold of the permitted and the mundane into something new and strange.”

Summer 2020 | Read Here